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How to shop at thrift store

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Thrift stores have been around for centuries helping people on budgets and those seeking unique clothing attire.

The thrift store may be overwhelming when shopping for clothes to some due to the size of the store, large quantity of the clothes compressed into each other and the pressure to walk out with a great deal.

Here are some tips in no particular order to help you have a great and useful thrift store experience.

1. Set aside at least 2 hours to shop. This will alleviate the pressure to find something right now. Typically it can take up to 10-15 minutes to find 1 item that you would like to purchase.

2. When you find an article of clothing you are interested in, you should view the item inside out. For an example, if you are looking a pants check the bottom to make sure they are not worn out or the hem is not loose. Make sure any piece you select has all their buttons, zippers and beware of stains. When you find a piece of clothing you like, sometimes you will get so excited that you may overlook little things that make the item unwearable or may cause you to have to spend more money once you get it home to repair.

3. When you arrive at the store, look around at the various prices so you are already aware of the cost. This will help get a feel for the prices set in the store and give you a realistic view in your mind of how much you may be able to purchase. Sometime the thrift stores may have deals on select clothes. The deal area is the first place you may want to go since clothes in that area may go fast.

4. Start your shopping at the thrift store when it first opens so you may have the opportunity to view the items recently put out and not picked over. Sometimes, the longer the store is open the less clothes they have out since the staff will stop restocking close to closing time.

5. Ask the clerk at the store if they offer bulk buying. Bulk buying is when a customer buys a lot at 1 time and are given a discount. Not all thrift stores offer this however it's good to ask since in some cases they do.

6. Try the clothes on if there is a fitting room. The size listed on the tag may be deceiving because some of the clothes may have been washed and worn previously affecting its integrity. When you wash clothes overtime they may shrink or sometimes the clothes may have been altered by the previous owner. This is a very important tip since most thrift stores do not accept returns or exchanges.

These are some tips that the staff at have shared; I hope these tips have been helpful.

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